Anatomization of mental experience.

Anatomization of mental experience.  

I tend to describe what I do as an anatomization of psycho-emotional experience. There is some manifested body language - dislocations, dance, decapitation, a kind of plasticity, placed in a thanato-erotic context. The images write themselves, live, breathe, like a newly manifested beast crawling out of a dream - timidly or with its whole twisted body. He is instantly ready to interact with the viewer - I am very open - they are very open.

//Birth is bilaterally trauma.  The child tears the foundation and its cause, while the mother being tries to leave her body, which is now a sore gate.  Where it is supposed to be - the first sound?, the father with a round dance imitates a woman in labor, screaming, eating soil. 

The father says, I know how you will be born, son.  He is a portrait of his mutilated wife, designed to confuse. 

But the child is sold, it is foreign, it is fertilizer for lifeless land, it must invoke goodness, it must become food for the beast, it must awaken the fields.

Birth is a chimera, gnawing at its ridge, it is a python swallowing a cat, gnawing at it from the inside.

In the end, the cry completes, the opening of the throat.  Alert, readiness, self - detection, declaration of the flesh's readiness to absorb.